Carbon Footprint Offsetters (CFO) promotes awareness of ways to measure and reduce your carbon footprint. We have Pinchin Enviromental Ltd trained staff that are able to conduct Green House Gas (GHG) evaluations in compliance with the International accepted ISO 14064 std.

One of the best ways to reduce carbon production is not to produce any to begin with. By choosing to produce energy using renewable and sustainable sources of fuel that do not produce any GHG’s. CFO walks the talk and is an experienced developer owner and operator of grid connected solar and wind energy projects in Ontario, Canada.

In addition we support other renewable energy project developers through our consulting service. With our knowledge, experience and ability to understand the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and distributing company processes. We are able to improve the likely hood of obtaining a Power Purchase contract with the IESO or a net metering approval with the local distribution company (eg Hydro One).