Services we can provide

Carbon Counting Assessments for Personal and Businesses:

* Personal – follow this link to the best online carbon calculator we have found.

* Businesses – Depending on the complexity of your processes, one of our certified assessors can do an assessment of your business and provide recommendations to reduce your footprint.

Or we will introduce you to Carbon Counted, a Canadian not for profit organization who can do a detailed assessment by each product you sell or service you provide.

Carbon Offsetting:

Cleanairpass is a non-profit Canadian offset company that focuses on providing offsets to individuals who want to offset their vehicle miles traveled. Cleanairpass was founded in 2005.

Offsetters is a Canadian non-profit company started in 2005 that sells offsets to individuals and businesses. It has also partnered with WestJet. When WestJet flights are booked through the Offsetter webpage funds go directly to Offsetter to invest in offset projects.

Solar Energy, Rooftop or Ground Mounted:

* Project Assessment
* Project Management

Solar Resource maps
This Natural Resources site features colour maps representing PV Potential, do this first to determine if you have the resource.


Rooftop Solar installation
Rooftop Solar installation

– Ground Mounted
If building greater than a 10kw system you will need to determine the class of your land, follow this link to do a Land Assessment .

Ground Mounted Solar

Wind Energy:

* Project Assessment- Resources and Grid Capacity
* Project Management

Wind Energy Resource Maps: Canadian Wind Energy Atlas
This site features colour maps representing the average wind velocity and power on the whole country, as well as corresponding geophysical characteristics, all available in an easy to use browsing interface that allows you to go quickly to the heart of the meteorological data.

On site resource assessment by installing and monitoring data from a  wind measuring tower (see video clip below)


Grid capacity: With Solar or Wind Energy projects you need to find out if you have Grid capacity, follow this link to determine this.